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Форум » Мастерская » Общие вопросы » Накипело (Один интересный пост игрока о состоянии серверов)
UnknownДата: Среда, 18.11.2009, 21:21 | Сообщение # 1
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incase some of u may not hav seen this post especially 2bit so i am posting again HEy also check my GM application by name'Hellson GM application'something like that.

hello there i am here a very old player on legion i have checked and observed the reasons very carefully and have come to conclusion that we didnt lost men

when we got rollback we lost men when scapegaming site got down now i am giving some ideas of mine that i think can increase population on servers since there is no use to regret of what has been done in past

1-Relaunch scapegaming site becoz ur new site i think is not much better than we had before u see i cant login with my accounts and had to made new one
and the fact remains scapegaming site was better and this site deos not hav same options as that did.THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT.
INGAME ACCount doesnt Work and RENAMING DOESNT work also.

2-Vote system now is a piece of crap no good items=no votes
3-Improve the donors system no donation=no more server
4- The upgrade you did has got us into tons of buggs The details of buggs are as under :-

Cannot create arena teams and/or queue for the arena in Dalaran.

* Battlegrounds doesn't have spirit healers.

* Headless Horseman incorrect level [meant to be level 80], incorrect loot-table.

* NPC "Gretta the Arbiter" is flagged as unfriendly - cannot do his/her quests.

* Halls of Stone quest [NPC: "Brann Bronzebeard"] causes the last boss to not spawn (Tribunal of Ages)

Class/Profession-specific related issues:
* Tailoring - Brilliant spellthread is not working.

* Jewelcrafting - Cannot prospect titanium.

* Mage-class - Blink works only in certain places, Mirror images do not work.

* Death Knight-class - Blood pact does not properly work (Please describe what it does or does not do), Max-level [80] Death Knight's cannot get to the old Acherus, thus they cannot do the DK quests for the talent points. (Please be elaborate), Starting zone does not work properly [Cannot unlock prisoners].
*Mechno hog buggg

*Seal of light bugg of pala and others talent buggs(
Bug: The DoT part doesn't work at all. Only the part of the extra 33% damage works, but not sure if the coefficient is correct. Also, sometimes when you judge it the debuff is removed from the opponent, which shouldn't happen.
Severity of the Bug: High. It decreases really a lot the Pallies' DPS in raids.
Bug: The damage absorbing part works fine, the extra crit from Flash of Light seems to work too (not sure, need more testing), but it should give a HoT that equals 100% of Flash of Light's healing, if the target has the buff from Sacred Shield active. This last part doesn't work.
Severity of the Bug: High. Since (healing) pallies can use Sacred Shield as a way to reduce damage on tanks, the extra healing that should come along would help a lot, once that Sacred Shield takes a nice chunk of mana.
*Blessing of sanctury and greater blessing of sanctury '
*repair sudded death-warrior talent

* Jewelcrafting - Cannot prospect titanium.Tiffany Cartier does not have a sell template

* Enchanting - Small Dream Shards cannot be combined to form a Dream Shard
*Skinning -Cant skin mobs if they carry some drop.Before we could skin mob easily with out having to remove its drops.

* Druid-class - Thorns and Force of Nature are not working properly. Brambles ( Druid Talent) is not working. Druid travel forms ( effects) are not working.Empowered Touch doesn't work at all. Predatory Instincts doesn't work properly.

* Shaman-class - call of the Anciens isn't working properly, improved fire totem doesnt work at all ,lava flows doesn't work at all, frozen power doesn't work at all.

* Rogue-class - killing spree doesn't work properly, once you use it you'll go underground ,shadow dance is not working properly, cant use any skills,disarm doesn't work at all,cheat dead doesn't work at all.

* Paladin-class - paladins are supposed to regenerate mana when dodged or parried, but they aren't, heart of the crusader doesn't work at all, lessing of senctuary doesnt work at all, sacred shield isn't working properly, ,Beacon Of Light doesnt work doesn't work at all, hand of reckoning doesnt work properly, seal of corruption doesn't work, hammer of the righteous doesn't work properly, Divinity isnt working at all, Improved Righteous Fury doesn't work at all, Judgements of the Just doesnt work at all, ,Seals of the Pure doesn't work at all.

* Hunter-class - multi shot is not working properly, beast mastery talent tree is broken ( more or less), Hunting Party doesnt work at all, freezing arrow doesnt work at all, Kindred Spirits doesnt work at all.



Duel specialization
Portals missing
Quests bugged


# Following instances require level 100 to enter [inaccessibility]: Utgarde Keep

Drak'Tharon Keep
The Violet Hold
Crusaders Coliseum
Caverns of Time: Culling of Stratholme
Obsidian Sanctum.
Only half of azjob nerub works, cant pass way. Also cant pass halls of lighting door
Bosses in Ulduar do not have more than 3 DROPS.WTF.SAme in naxx i think.

5- put sites like www.wowserverslist.com and www.gamesites200.com/wowprivatealong with www.xtremetop100.com on votes so more ppl know of this server
6- try to hack legacy and get players from it back.XD
7-GEt Gms On servers or Get kaydn faith back and ask em to abondon their server and get ppl from that to here. Pay them money for it lol.
8-Be active and try to accept these
9-Put servers on high rates so ppl lvl up quick.DROP RATES CURRENTLY IS 2-3Loots only What's This?? INcrease them plssss GET THEM HIGH
10-I might have forgotten some other ideas Well try to use telepathy for that lol.Create ur own idaeas XD


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UnknownДата: Среда, 18.11.2009, 21:23 | Сообщение # 2
Группа: Администраторы
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Надесюь понимаете что пост не мой smile Также надеюсь что с английским у вас также хорошо как и у меня smile

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SancheZДата: Среда, 18.11.2009, 21:49 | Сообщение # 3
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Unknown, ахаха...я думал это ты написал ) Но нужно отдать должное челу. Он молоток ) Так и надо делать )

[Вот кто я!] [Манчкин 17%] [Убийца 13%] [Тусовщик 53%] [Исследователь 17%] [Узнай кто ты!]

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MehrunДата: Четверг, 19.11.2009, 00:45 | Сообщение # 4
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олололо! "я не могу то, я не могу это" (С) жесть пиратго жжет happy

Зайцев лучше ловить табунами! (С) Летанар.
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YbijzaДата: Четверг, 19.11.2009, 09:17 | Сообщение # 5
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Following instances require level 100 to enter
Bosses in Ulduar do not have more than 3 DROPS.WTF.

Ахахах))) пля убило)

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Форум » Мастерская » Общие вопросы » Накипело (Один интересный пост игрока о состоянии серверов)
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